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So much of our time is spent sitting. Every age group is guilty of sitting too much. So make sure you are sitting in a posture that places the least amount of strain on your back and neck. Good posture starts in the low back. Practice this.  Sit on a stool. Feel Your “sits bones” under your butt pressing on the stool. Now slowly let your pelvis roll back so that you are sitting on the back of your “sits bones”. Let your back follow your pelvis and notice that your back has rounded and you are looking downward. In this position, you must strain your neck to look up. THIS STRAINS YOUR NECK AND BACK.  Now slowly roll your pelvis forwards so that you feel the sitting pressure under the front of your “sits bones”. Let your spine follow and you should notice that you have a gentle hollow in your low back, your head is tall and you are looking forward. THIS IS A GOOD POSITION. Now that you know, practice it, and reap the rewards.

Physiotherapists are trained to assess posture and recommend stretches and exercises to help you achieve good posture.

Cathy Christie BPT